Miss Metaverse

Miss Metaverse title

Miss Metaverse is a limited generative NFT collection of 7,500 unique digital Matryoshka dolls. No two are alike!

Miss Metaverse contestants will compete for the glorious title of Miss Metaverse to win prizes.

Each MM is inspired by traditional symbols linking it to a nation, ethnic group, or peoples.

We hope to give everyone a voice in the metaverse.

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Miss Metaverse title Miss Metaverse Minting


Out of the 7,500 MMs minted, 20 will be unique, fully custom-made by Nomgy.

Our vision for the future is to expand the Miss Metaverse Universe, to reflect the diversity of the people of the world.

The Russian Matryoshka doll is a symbol of legacy, matriarchy, and depth, of both roots, and personality. It also houses a treasure: The promise of future generations.


An image of a Miss Metaverse

Hair (11)

An image of Miss Metaverse hair layer

Eyes (11)

An image of Miss Metaverse eyes layer

Nations (54)

An image of Miss Metaverse nation layer

Second Nature (7)

An image of Miss Metaverse second nature layer

Face (12)

An image of Miss Metaverse second face layer

Background (14)

An image of Miss Metaverse second background layer
An image of a Miss Metaverse

The Pageant

Immediately after the public minting, regular Pageant contests will take place every 30 days in which all MMs will participate. The MM that was traded the most and netted the highest amount of royalties will be crowned the Real Miss Metaverse, rewarding her lucky holder an amazing 25% of the entire Miss Metaverse royalties obtained from the preceding 30 days.


Q4 2021

  • Inception
  • Development & Community building
  • Pre-drop activities
  • Key partnerships
An image of a very small matryoshka doll

Q1 2022

  • Whitelist completion
  • Public minting
  • Monthly Pageants
  • Kickstart The Podium event
  • 2nd Generation secret reveal
An image of a small matryoshka doll

Q2 2022

  • $CROWNS Integration
  • Treasury Integration
  • Staking & Farming Integration
  • Purchase & Deposit NFTs to Treasury
An image of a medium sized matryoshka doll

Q3 2022

  • Merchandise store
  • Monthly purchase of NFTs
  • Monthly floor purchases
  • Second generation inception
An image of a big matryoshka doll

Q4 2022

  • MM DAO Integration
An image of a very big matryoshka doll

General Info

  • 7500 Genesis Miss Metaverse NFTs
  • 0.05 Minting Price
  • ERC-721A
    Token Standard
  • 7.5% Royalties
  • 12 Individual Minting Cap
Listing marketplaces

Use of Proceeds

An image of a Miss Metaverse
Advisory Team
Deposit to CROWNS Treasury
ETH/CROWNS Liquidity
12 Month Runway
Legal & Structure


5%Purchase Top-tier NFTs
& Deposit to Treasury
15%ETH/CROWNS Liquidity
25%Pageant Winners
5%Floor Purchase
& Deposit to Treasury

Key Partnerships

eToro is a proud backer and supporter of Miss Metaverse and its biggest strategic partner. Using the experience, abilities and network eToro has will greatly serve our project in every step of our journey.

Currently building their own NFT marketplace, eToro will introduce several very lucky projects to their enormous crypto users base, allowing them to seamlessly trade NFTs from their standard eToro accounts. Miss Metaverse will be among those fortunate projects and we are super excited about it.

The Crowns Foundation is Miss Metaverse's design partner and a vital part of its GTM strategy. $CROWNS will be distributed in various ways.

$CROWNS will also be the base asset of the Crowns Foundation NFT Treasury. The treasury will be a Pawn shop for NFTs, allowing users to deposit their NFTs for $CROWNS. 20% of the Miss Metaverse minting and royalties proceeds will be used for liquidity and for buying NFTs for the Crowns Foundation Treasury.




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Director of Apes




Cultural Advisor


Chief Visionary


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